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Moapa Valley offers numerous recreational activities and attractions, including Valley of Fire State Park, Lake Mead, Lost City Museum, Logandale Trails System and more. Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Wildlife Viewing, Off Road Exploring and more are abundant in the area. Browse the information here to see just how much is available in Moapa Valley.

BOATING-FISHING: Lake Mead offers incredible boating and fishing in Moapa Valley. Echo Bay Marina is located on the North End of Lake Mead, just a few miles from Downtown Overton.

A fishing license is required and may be purchased online or in person at various locations. Visit the Nevada Department of Wildlife License Website for more information and to purchase licenses.

Boating information, including regulations and licensing, area available the Nevada Department of Wildlife Boating Page

HUNTING: Numerous hunting opportunities are available on Overton Wildlife Management Area (OWMA) with waterfowl hunting being the most popular hunting activity on the area. Due to crowded conditions, a reservation and assigned hunt location system was developed for the OWMA. During the waterfowl season, hunting is allowed on the developed Moapa Valley portion of the area every other day. Hunters on the developed portion are confined to assigned blind locations. Hunting activity is allowed every day on the Virgin Valley portion of the area. Hunters are also attracted to OWMA for dove, quail, rabbit and turkey. Mourning dove and occasionally white-winged dove are pursued. Hunters are encouraged to review NDOW’s current regulation brochures prior to hunting at OWMA. View the information about OWMA Hunting Reservations  The Overton Wildlife Management Area is located off Moapa Valley Blvd, approximately 2 miles south of the town of Overton. Visit the OWMA Website for current information.

OFF ROAD TRAILS AND VEHICLE USE: There are numerous Off Road Trails in the Moapa Valley Area, the most popular and best known is the Logandale Trails System. The Logandale Trail System contains over 200 miles of marked trails, suitable for OHV, Equestrian, Hiking, and Biking. The Logandale Trail System gives you the opportunity to experience the rugged southwest desert in all its glory. It’s easy to get to, located approximately 1 hour from Las Vegas, NV or St. George, UT. Read more about the Logandale Trail System here.

There are many other trails in the Moapa Valley Area, and with the help of Partners in Conservation, new maps will be added to this site as they become available.

In March 2015, the Clark County Commissioners passed an ordinance designating Moapa Valley as an OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) Friendly Community. This ordinance was passed after years of hard work between individual volunteers, and local, county, state and federal government entities. Since this is a brand new designation, we do not yet have all the details to share. Please click here to read the article about current OHV Use in Moapa Valley. More information will be added as it becomes available.

HIKING: There are many places to hike in Moapa Valley:

Double Negative is land art located near the Mesa in Overton, NV. A high clearance, Off Road Vehicle is recommended to see Double Negative. Click here for more information about Double Negative.


Moapa Valley is home to several parks and an awesome Sports Complex

The Overton Park is located at 300 E. Virgina Avenue in Overton, NV and has tennis courts, picnic tables, larges grassy areas, swings, jungle gyms, play areas and restrooms.

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The Grant M Bowler Park is located at 3280 North Moapa Valley Blvd in Logandale. It offers tennis courts, soccer/baseball field, grassy areas, swings, jungle gyms, play areas, restrooms, and the Logandale Pool.

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The Moapa Valley Sports Park/Clark County Fairgrounds Sports Complex is located at 1301 Whipple in Logandale, just across from the Clark County Fairgrounds.

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Ron Lewis Park is located at 1255 Patriot's Way in Moapa.

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The Clark County Fairground is located at 1301 Whipple Logandale NV . Specifications
The Clark County Fairground is operated by the staff of the Clark County Parks and Recreation department. It is located in the outlaying community of Logandale, Nevada 60 miles north of urban Las Vegas. The Fairground is a 190-acre site where festivals, rodeos, family reunions, recreational shows, 4-H programs, receptions, concerts, performances and other activities can be held. The fairground is also the site of the annual Clark County Fair which draws more than 60,000 visitors during the four-day springtime event. In addition, the CCPACS North County Administration Building is conveniently located next to the main entrance to the fairgrounds. See the following for the description of each of the fairground facilities:

Administration Building
40'x50' (2,000 sq. ft.) office building which contains a public reception room with a work area, four separate offices with open space for cubicles, a small conference room, a storage room and a break room.

Ron Lewis Fine Arts Building
120'x100' (12,000 sq. ft.) open-space building which contains a kitchen area (non-commercial), rest room facilities, air conditioning and tables and chairs.

Performing Arts Building

60'x60' (3,600 sq. ft.) enclosed building which has a large restroom, meeting room, a partial kitchen and a concession area.

Plaza Area
200'x80' concrete area connected to a 60'x20' stage. this area connects to the Performing Arts Building.

Main Entrance Building

60'x60' (3,600 sq. ft.) building which includes one office, a fair board office, a maintenance room with roll-ip door, rest rooms and a breeze way which provides an easy entrance to the fairgrounds.

Wayne Newton Animal Pavilion

120'x120' (14,400 sq. ft.) enclosed pavilion with a dirt floor, evaporating cool system and lighting.

Glen Hardy Livestock Pavilion
80'x200' (16,000 sq. ft.) building with a dirt floor, evaporative cooling system, three automatic roll-up doors and a small arena with a permanent seating capacity of approximately 1,000 people.

Midway Area
Five acres of chatted gravel with approximately 100 pedestals, The pedestals have 110-volt receptacles with some having 220-volt receptacles. This area is suitable for vendors and recreation vehicles. Hose bibs are located throughout the area.

Includes a warm-up arena and a full-size rodeo arena with lights. The main area has a seating capacity of 4,500. there are numerous pens, an announcer stand, a concession building and a restroom building in this area.

Heritage Garden
A garden area with a gazebo and a small park with pathways, 110-volt receptacles and hose bibs throughout.

Turf Area
Five acres if landscaped turf area with automatic sprinkler system Enclosed parked and graveled areas Ten acres of graveled area suitable for parking or other needs. All of the above is enclosed with a 6' fence.

Sports Complex
A 40-acre parcel adjacent to the south parking lot. Phase I has been completed which includes two lighted ballfields suitable for little league or softball games. There are also four acres of turf suitable for picnicking or playing.

Open Parking
Ten acres of open parking in three separate locations around the fairgrounds for a total of 30 acres of parking, There is also approximately 1.5 acres of open asphalt parking. In addition, walk and drive-through gates are conveniently located on all sides of our facilities

The Clark County Fair is held annually in April at this location. All information for the Fairgrounds obtained from the Clark County Website.

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