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Gateway to the Valley of Fire and Lake Mead

Welcome to the Moapa Valley Chamber of Commerce Website. Moapa Valley is located in Clark County, NV, approximately 65 miles northeast of Las Vegas, and 75 miles southwest of St. George, UT. Moapa Valley is made up of the towns of Overton, Logandale, and Moapa.

Moapa Valley is a friendly community with a small town feel, the pefect place to visit, or live!

Browse through our website to learn more about Moapa Valley Recreation, Schools, Real Estate, Restaurants, and many other products and services available in this Oasis in the Desert!


Moapa Valley has been inhabited since approximately 1000 B.C. according to archeological research. The earliest inhabitants were American Indians including the Pueblos until around A.D. 1150, and after that the Paiute Indians. The Moapa Band of Paiutes have a reservation in Moapa,and operate the Moapa Tribal Plaza at the East Entrance of the Valley of Fire State Park.

The Mormons started an agricultural community along the Muddy River at St. Thomas (abandoned and submerged when Hoover Dam was built) in 1864. Additional towns were settled including St. Joseph (currently Logandale), Overton, Westpoint (currently Moapa), and Kaolin (suffered the same fate as St. Thomas). Click here to read more about the history of Moapa Valley.


Moapa Valley offers recreation choices for everyone, whether you choose to drive ATVS, climb mountains, observe wildlife, ride a Zipline, paddle a kayak, or any combination of all of them...the wide open desert and cool, clear waters of Moapa Valley have it all.

Adventure Glide Ropes Course-Zipline

Clark County Fair & Rodeo

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Logandale Trails System

Lost City Museum

Overton Wildlife Management Area

Roos'n More Zoo

Valley of Fire State Park



October 17-18

Moapa Valley Car and Motorcycle Show


Clark County Fair
Valley of Fire-Big Horn Sheep Lost City Museum
Logandale Trail System Roos'n More Zoo
Jet Ski on Lake Mead Windsurfing on Lake Mead
Valley of Fire State Park Valley of Fire Petroglyphs
Zipline Overton NV Overton Wildlife Management Area

Moapa Valley Progress

  • Over the past week, local residents have experienced the stresses of a natural catastrophe. In the course of just a couple of hours last Monday, the forces of nature destroyed, not just individual property, but major pieces of essential infrastructure.

  • After four full days of chaos and closure, Interstate 15 was reopened on Friday afternoon at about 4:30 p.m. Contractor Las Vegas Paving, under the direction of the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT),

  • The Flood of ‘14 brought some significant challenges to utility operators over the past week. Work crews scrambled to keep electrical systems running and to restore essential services to local residents who were experiencing outages.

  • The mega-storm cell that hit the Moapa/Glendale area on Monday, September 8 caused havoc to transportation infrastructure in the greater Moapa Valley communities and throughout the region last week.

  • Heavy rains and the resulting floodwaters hit the Moapa Valley last week leaving destruction in its wake. Clark County damage assessment teams spent much of last week touring the community, documenting property losses.

  • The Moapa Valley Performing Arts Council will begin its season on Monday, September 22 with the annual Moapa Valley Talent Showcase.

  • The upcoming Logandale Fall Festival event to be held next month at the Logandale Fairgrounds, has already received an important distinction.

  • No one asked me but... I have just finished reading Tripoli: The United States First War on Terror. It is an account written by David Smethurst depicting America’s war against Muslim Pirates on the Barbary Coast 1800-1805.

  • While the Moapa Valley area attempts to regain a sense of normalcy, I’d like to extend a huge thank you to some people who were instrumental in making our Moapa students feel comfortable and and who played a big role in getting them back to their families.

  • To preface this, you need to know that I am single, have never been married, and don’t have any children of my own. I do, however, teach at Lyon Middle School and have about 150 students per year, your children, whom I endearingly refer to as “MY KIDS.

Moapa Valley Chamber of Commerce

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